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1 on 1 Basic Coaching Program

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One on One coaching with GETBIGINTHE973 includes:

Monthly Workout & Meal Plans

Big Time adjustments to workout and meal plans on a monthly basis

Weekly Updated Workout & Meal Plans

Small adjustments throughout the week to workout and meal plans to fit clients needs

Complete Caloric Breakdown

Customized calories need for maintenance , deficit, bulk and lean bulk/cut

(whatever is needed)

Macronutrient Breakdown

Breakdown of macronutrients needed for maintenance, deficit, bulk and lean bulk/cut (whatever is needed)

Workout Plan

Weekly workout schedule and split. Complete workouts and recovery day exercises for customized needs. (CAN INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS AND ACCESS TO GETBIGINTHE973 PROGRAMS INSTAGRAM FOR DEMONSTRATIONS UPON REQUEST)

Meal Plan

Caloric breakdown for each meal with macronutrients suggested. List of times to eat and eating schedule. List of suggested foods to eat such as low calorie, high protein and macronutrient full. List of recipes of meals suggested for goals. General improvements on what to eat and how to live a balanced healthy life style while eating what you want

Priority Help

Priority help via dm, text, email and phone

Online Meetings

Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly Online meetings via zoom, facetime, phone call depending on wants, needs and availability.



I will be texting you at least every other day or even every day with encouragement, check ups, help with diet, help with form, help with any type of fitness , mental or physical struggle. I AM HERE FOR YOU AND TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS

Social Media Promotion

Promotion on all getbiginthe973 social media platforms

(As Wanted)

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