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My Current Top 3 "Daily Driver PreWorkouts"

To Start this list is based off of Lucas's personal preferences and is not considered a factually top preworkout picks for everyone. Nor is it listed in a particular order. It is emphasized on this channel time and time again that everyone's personal needs/preferences impacts what product is best for them! Also these products do not have to be released this year, the only requirement is that I have reviewed them or have spoken about them.


Now we need to first define what a daily driver preworkout is. A daily driver preworkout in my opinion is something that consist of a caffeine dosage from 150mg-300mg and contains a balanced Heclinically dosed ingredient panel. Maybe would even go as far as 350mg for the caffeine dosage as long as it is not just one caffeine source. While also being something I would use on a daily basis. SO with all that being said here is the list:




-Maximizes performance: Designed to enhance your physical performance during intense workouts or combat sessions.

-Increases endurance: Helps you push through longer and more demanding training sessions with improved endurance.

-Provides extended energy: Delivers sustained energy throughout your workout without the crash, allowing you to stay focused and energized. While maintaining a higher end daily driver status

-100% Transparent Label: You know exactly what you're consuming, as all ingredients are clearly listed with their respective dosages.





-Sustained and smooth energy boost: Provides a unique blend of ingredients, including paraxanthine, taurine, and huperzine-A, for a less-jittery energy boost that keeps you focused and alert without the crashes commonly associated with traditional stimulants.

-enfinity® (Paraxanthine): A metabolite of caffeine, designed to deliver the benefits of caffeine such as focus and energy without unwanted side effects. It offers clean energy and focus without the distress caused by other caffeine metabolites.

-Alphasize® (300mg): A unique source of choline, a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which plays a crucial role in cognitive function and muscle control.

-NooLvl® (1.6g): Clinically shown to support certain aspects of accuracy and decision-making, enhancing cognitive function during workouts.

-NeuroFactor® (100mg): A patented coffee fruit extract that significantly increases levels of a key neuroprotein, potentially enhancing brain health and cognitive function.





-Low Stim: Contains a moderate amount of caffeine at 200mg per scoop, providing a balanced boost of energy without the excessive caffeine content found in many other pre-workout supplements. This helps to avoid negative health effects associated with high caffeine intake and prevents crashes.

-High Pump: Loaded with pump ingredients to enhance nutrient delivery and blood flow, facilitating muscle growth and maximizing Nitric Oxide pump benefits. V1 delivers optimal pump effects in a single scoop, eliminating the need to stack multiple supplements for great pumps.

-Great Taste & Focus: Offers not only enhanced pump effects but also optimized focus and drive to sustain longer and more intense workout sessions. V1 combines the benefits of low-stim, high pump, and high focus with a delicious taste, backed by over 500 five-star reviews attesting to its refreshing flavor.


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