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KILOLABS is the new kid on the block when it comes to supplement companies. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have the experience to bring some insane products to the table. Day In and Day Out they bring insane flavors that are enjoyable to drink, mind blowing tub designs, cool drop videos/content, absolutely stacked products with effective ingredients/dosages. Not to mention they offer products like Thiquid, a glycerol pump liquid. That in my opinion completely blows out the competition with its insane design, flavor and insanely stacked formula. KILOLABS is the pinnacle for cutting edge, creative and effective supplements. Some highlights for KILOLABS’s current line includes their absolutely stacked Stim Thug PreWorkout which will hit insanely hard, Zombie: an effective sleep aid with an enjoyable flavor and of course their brand new Thiquid: a glycerol pump liquid


Pump Products

Sleep Aids

Fat Burners/Thermogenics

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