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Flight Foods LLC

Flight Foods LLC is the definition of a strong and upcoming brand! Started in August of 2020, the company did not officially launch until after 3 years and 600+ trials to ensure the highest quality product. The founder Thomas Lahart has already five different products not counting different flavors in their arsenal. This includes the staple of the brand; pro-fuel. This is their whey blend protein powder, currently available in the flavors cinnamon swirl (insane taste) and cookies & cream (this is the best cookies & cream I’ve ever had). Back to the idea behind the brand, they claim the name Flight Foods is purposely chosen because “The goal of Flight Foods is to "Fuel Your Flight". Everyone has their own "flight" in life, whether that is to be a pilot, athlete, teacher, student, doctor, coach, business man/woman, lawyer, engineer, soldier, police officer, fireman, ect.” Adding onto that, their goal is to make the finest nutritional supplements to help fuel your flight! Overall this brand is something to watch out for, try and learn more about! Some highlights for Flight Foods LLC include their pro-fuel; protein powder in both flavors, takeoff their preworkout and refuel their electrolyte and carb product!



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